Cantina Riboli for Ho.Re.Ca.

Do you have a restaurant or are you a dealer looking for innovation and desire to experiment?
Is your wine list the result of in-depth and constant research that leads you to promote small businesses with ideas and passion?
Do you choose a product for its qualities, its history and that of those who produce it, instead of the usual noble labels?
Cantina Riboli has what you are looking for. A (whole) new way of seeing wine.
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Why should you choose Cantina Riboli?

  • a new and young winery, in its first generation;
  • having no past, we always look to the future, to innovation;
  • we experiment in production and refinement;
  • we pay attention to details and we use manual processes;
  • our harvest years respect the trend of the season, they are not standardized;
  • we minimize the use of sulphites;
  • we enhance the Barbera d’Asti DOCG, rediscovering it as a wine for aging.

Our top wines

Our Barbera d’Asti DOCG project starts from tradition and passes through winemaking and aging to revisit it. This is how the wines that best represent Cantina Riboli are born. It’s not science fiction, but our space travel from Earth to the Moon.

Mappale 41

A structured and elegant Barbera d’Asti DOCG. It maintains freshness, acidity, but it’s actually the passage in tonneaux of different eras and toasts that brings out the bouquet of ripe red fruit, cherry, plum and the intense, balsamic notes that recall jam and fruit in alcohol.

A perfect wine to accompany the great dishes of Piedmontese cuisine: veal with tuna sauce, capunet, tagliolini with meat sauce, plin with roast sauce, mixed boiled meat and medium-long-aged DOP cheeses.

Dedicated to Marco, a dad who at 41 years old bought the farm to fulfill his dream of making wine. Like the character Impley Barbicane in the novel “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, president of the Gun Club and creator of the lunar bullet in its original form.

Nove Filari

A Barbera d’Asti DOCG that comes from the nine historic rows of Cantina Riboli, only in years in which the concentration of the berries is suitable for aging.
We have produced 900 bottles in limited edition. The long stay in bottle and in tonneaux are released from its intense red colour, with garnet hues. On the nose, hints of red fruit, strawberry, nutmeg and black pepper. It embraces the palate with its round body, well balanced by the acid tip. To combine with grilled meat, long cooking and blue cheeses.

The wine that most of all represents our journey from the earth, understood as roots, but also tradition in making wine the great Piedmontese reds, to the Moon, our new space, a way of seeing and conceiving wine that breaks the rules and innovates with refinement.
Having no past, we always look to the future.

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