The wines of the future

They respect the trend of the season, minimizing the use of sulphites.
They open up to new perspectives, even breaking the rules of tradition.
They are intergalactic destinations from the earth to the Moon

By tasting our wines and visiting our cellar, you will be able to get to know the “Sciardonnesi”, the “Mappaliani” and the inhabitants of the “Pianeta Fantasia”. Three different ways of conceiving wine, which you can only discover if you continue reading this page or by visiting us in the cellar

Metodo Classico Riboli - Blanc de Blancs

A planet where there is always the sun and where its inhabitants, the Sciardonnesi, love to be together, spend convivial moments and live carefree, enjoying every single happy moment of the day.

Metodo classico Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay, which we like to call our pool wine, a perfect wine for an aperitif. Fresh and delicate, with notes of ripe yellow berry fruit, it closes the sip with a good final acidity.
At least 20 months of aging on the lees. No-dosage.

Try it with prawn tartare and almond ice cream, fresh salads, pancakes, poké with avocado and mango.

Recommended combinations

Try it with prawn tartare and almond ice cream, fresh salads, pancakes, poké with avocado and mango.

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Metodo Classico Riboli - Blanc de Noirs

The Pinotiani are the cousins of the neighboring Sciardonnesi. Much more mysterious, cryptic, they live only at night on a planet constantly irradiated by the rays of the Moon. True wolves of the galaxy.

A Metodo Classico Blanc de Noirs 100% sweet Pinot Noir, with a depp golden colour. Fresh and enveloping with its notes of yellow berry fruit, it leaves good acidity on the palate.
A niche wine, no-dosage.

Recommended combinations

Pair it with foie gras canapés, wild boar ragout or porcini mushrooms and lamb in a hazelnut crust.

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Barbera d'Asti DOCG - Mappale 61

The Mappalians are other inhabitants of the solar system with a close relationship, since the dawn of time. On planet 61 live those who appear to be more suspicious, angular in character, but who, once warmed up, know how to give much more than what they show. A wild sincerity, but always authentic.

A fresh Barbera d’Asti DOCG, as close as possible to its original character.

Intense ruby red color, full is a wine of marked acidity. The nose reveals hints of red fruit, yet to ripen. Balanced on the palate.

The name derives from the land registry map of the parcel of his vineyard.

Recommended combinations

Pair it with a yellow saffron risotto or baked pork ribs.

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Barbera d'Asti DOCG Superiore - Mappale 41

Another planet, other Mappalians. On 41 you will meet extraterrestrials with a strong soul and clear ideas and you will also understand it from their physical structure: broad shoulders, long feet and always full hearts.

ABarbera d’Asti DOCG that begins to be more structured and concentrated, compared to Mappale 61, and already lets us glimpse our experimentation in aging.

The color is ruby red, with garnet shades. The bouquet of aromas is intense, enveloping, with persistent notes of cherry, plum and dark berries. On the finish it evolves again, leaving room for hints of jam and fruit in alcohol.

Its name refers to the land registry map of the vineyard parcel, but it is also a gift from Roberto and Riccardo for their father Marco who, at the age of 41, crowned the dream of starting a farm as well as Impey Barbicane, the character of the book “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, president of the Gun Club, who conceived the lunar bullet in its authentic and original form.

Recommended combinations

A wine for the great dishes of traditional Piedmontese cuisine: mixed boiled meat, stew with polenta, wild boar in civet, green tongue.

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Barbera d'Asti DOCG Superire - Nove Filari

This is where it all starts. The nine historical rows of Barbera of the company, over 50 years old, from which Cantina Riboli originated and from which our flagship wine is born today, the one that best represents our journey from the earth, the roots, the tradition, to the Moon, our new way of seeing wine and refining it.

We experiment and work on winemaking and refining to enhance the Barbera d’Asti DOCG as a long-lived wine for aging.

With an intense garnet red color, given by the long stay in wood (tonneaux) and in the bottle, it is a wine with a large bouquet with hints of red fruits, strawberry, nutmeg and pepper. We only produce it in the years in which the grapes have the correct concentration.
To date, the selection is only 900 bottles.

Nove Filari is our Moon, the satellite that inspires and influences our days. It represents the point of arrival and the new restart.

Recommended combinations

Excellent for important first courses; if we want to stay in Piedmont we suggest a nice risotto with truffles, a stew or even a pasta with game ragù

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Barbera d'Asti DOCG - Fantasia

On the planet Fantasia, every day is a poem. Here live DOCG extraterrestrials, with a creative and brilliant originality: artists, painters, musicians, inventors, dancers, illusionists, cooks etc. always in turmoil. You will recognize them at a glance: they cannot stand still.

In its land par excellence, we could not fail to dedicate part of the production to Moscato d’Asti DOCG, a wine that we have always loved and that we value, making it rediscover its versatility.

Golden, it is a sweet, slightly sparkling wine. It has an important aromatic profile, harmonious in floral aromas and fruity aromas. Maintains good freshness.

In 2015 Fantasia 2013 received the silver award at the Decanter World Wine Awards, among over 15 thousand wines from all over the world.

The name is a tribute to the Disney film “Fantasia”: the scattered bubbles of this Moscato reminded us of the notes of the pentagram.

Recommended combinations

We do not combine it with desserts, but with a platter of aged cheeses and jams that enhances all its characteristics.

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Passito Fantasia

The Vendemmia Tardiva DOCG denomination was born on the planet Fantasia, for lovers of wine of good structure with a high sugar residue.

We pick selected grapes for this bottle and laid the grape bunches on large traditional wooden trays for a period of approximately 60 days. Once the right drying point has been reached, we manually destem every single bunch and we allow them to ferment with indigenous yeasts and without any addition of sulphites.

Once fermentation is completed, we filter our wine through Irish bags. The aging in used barriques lasts 18 months.

An amber, consistent and sweet wine. With an olfactory bouquet reminescent of macerated and juicy fruit and flowers, that deviates on tertiary aromas thanks to the long aging in wood.

Every year we aim to produce about 200 bottles that we number manually.

Recommended combinations

We recommend a combination with cheeses paired with jams or a slice of hazelnut cake.

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Passito Mappale 61

In 2019, the Mappalians of Planet 61 had tried to create their first passito wine by drying the grapes directly on the plant; unfortunately, the weather conditions in the area did not allow this experiment.

They worked hard, they built the racks and laid the grapes there to dry for 60 days. Once they have reached the right drying, they manually destem each single bunch and put it to ferment.

At the end of the fermentation, the wine is left to refine in barriques for a period of 18 months.

The result is a garnet, intense, consistent and sweet wine, with notes of overripe red fruit and a spicy note given by the passage in wood.

Mappalians produce about 300 bottles, numbered one by one manually.

Recommended combinations

Pair it with aged cheeses paired with jams or mustards. But even good chocolate bean to bar would go very well.

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